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The idea for producing readymade Pink Chai came to Director Mohammad Asif in late 2013 after visiting the home of a family friend and tasting the Chai that his mother made. Asif asked his mother to teach him and soon became an expert. The household had gradually become known in the community for the rich homemade Chai. The idea of a readymade Pink Chai that saves the consumer all the hassle of sourcing the right tea-leaves and performing the lengthy ‘hit and miss’ brewing process of getting the correct balance of flavours was instantly appealing. Particularly because as far as we knew, this product in a readymade form didn’t already exist on supermarket shelves or in restaurants.


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Perfect for weddings, parties, special occasions and restaurants. Pink Chai can be served hot or cold and is currently available in three lovely flavours…



Our original. A rich and creamy cup of our perfectly brewed pink chai with our perfected blend of aromatic spices


The newest member of our expanding family. Intensely brewed kadak chai infused with the best tea leaves in town


Top it with a generous helping of fluffly whipped cream and a sprinkle of freshly ground cardamom or pistachios

The worlds first pink chai. Ready to drink. 

Asian (Pakistani/Indian) communities can now be found across the globe, from Europe, Australia to South Africa, the USA and Canada. Within these communities, the taste of genuine Pink Chai is extremely popular with all ages. However, the process of brewing it is a skill that only some possess. Yet there is still no readymade Pink Chai available anywhere. Therefore, there is clearly a demand for a high quality readymade Pink Chai within the Pakistani/Kashmiri/Indian community everywhere. There is also currently a global rise in the public interest in specialist/exotic teas, which suggests a lot of potential interest within the non-Asian market who are still largely unaware of Pink Chai.

 The other reason for a lot of potentially universal interest in Pink Chai is the fact that the tea used to make it is a green tea, which brings with it all the associated health benefits as well as the delicious taste.


Our Aim 

Pink Chai’s pricing strategy is to sell Pink Chai as a premium, exotic tea, set at an affordable cost for all, to make it a part of your everyday grocery list. Our products have been designed with a lot of care to ensure the exterior matches its premium internal contents. Thereby giving it a real prominence on the shelf by being on point with other high-end competitors without compensating on quality or price.


Is a green tea product and has health benefits 


has a long shelf life of 12 months. Store for future events


can be stored in the fridge or at ambient temperatures


Is a readymade product, no prep, just heat or chill


Is the first of its kind globally in a ready to drink format


Is vegetarian friendly, halaal and has no preservatives

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