Pink Chai – 1L



  • This is the first ready made Kashmiri Chai tea, blended with delicious cinnamon and salt for warmth and spice. We only picked the best ingredients for you – everything is directly sourced from Madagascar and Sri Lanka. 
  • Our Pink Chai tea is good for your body! It is vegetarian, halal and contains no preservatives. It is also based on green tea, which has amazing health benefits for you. 
  • Pink Chai is now available in 1-litre packs (3-4 servings) and It has a long shelf life of 12 months and can be stored in ambient temperatures. No preparation required! Just heat or chill and enjoy! 
  • Enjoy Pink Chai the way you want. Do you prefer hot under a warm blanket with a good book in your hands? Or rather as an Iced Frappe with your friends in the summer?


We traveled the world to find the most exquisite ingredients for you. Our Pink Chai is the perfect blend of green tea, milk, cinnamon and salt. It’s ready-to-drink, so no preparation is necessary – just heat, pour and serve. 

Perfect for weddings, big occasions and events – or just to enjoy on your own. 



Microwave: Pour the content in a microwaveable cup and heat it for about 2 minutes. If you like it a bit sweeter, you can always add some sugar. Et voila: the perfect Pink Chai. 

Pan: Pour the tea into the pan and heat it to near boiling. Wait for one minute and then pour it into a cup. Enjoy your delicious Pink Chai!



Cool the Pink Chai by storing it in the fridge. After a couple of hours, you can pour it into a glass and add some whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. So easy can you prepare your own Iced Pink Chai Frappe!


Ingredients: Water, Whole Milk (25%), Sugar, Double Cream (Milk), Green Tea (0.3%), Cinnamon (0.2%), Salt, Natural Flavouring, Camosine (E122)

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